New paper published in Chemosphere by the Sunna group

An innovative approach to bioremediation of mercury contaminated soils from industrial mining operations Highlights • A bulk natural substrate, zeolite, was bio-functionalised with encapsulated P. veronii. • This remained viable and functional after long term storage. • Bio-functionalised zeolite increased GEM flux by 104. • A concomitant reduction in GOM emissions was also observed. • Bio-functionalised zeolite shows potential for…

2017 – PhD position available

3 year PhD scholarship for 2017: “Development of Protein-based Nanocompartments for the Delivery of Anticancer Drugs” The Project: Compartmentalisation is an important organisational feature of life that allows otherwise incompatible biochemical processes to function cohesively within a cell. It occurs at varying levels of complexity, from eukaryotic organelles and bacterial microcompartments, to viral capsids and even […]

Extremophiles 2016

Anwar attended the “Extremophiles” Conference in Kyoto and gave a talk about recent research on immobilisation using solid binding peptides. We also presented a poster displaying our concepts for cell free bioconversion of waste products into platform chemicals: