SBA 2017

Last week the 2017 Synthetic Biology Australasia Conference (SBA 2017) took place in Sydney, Australia. We had a successful Conference with awesome international and national speakers and over 180 delegates. Kerstin, Dominik, Dennis and Andrew presented posters of their work. Anwar was involved in the organisation of the conference and chaired the “Industrial Application” session…

Key scientific paper on Renewable Energy Global Innovations

Our study on “Solid-binding peptides for immobilization of thermostable enzymes to hydrolyze biomass polysaccharides” gets featured on Renewable Energy Global Innovations as a key scientific paper. Read what Renewable Energy global say about the article: ( Link to original research paper:

Nanotechnology Meets Bioengineering Workshop, 28-29 June

Anwar presented at the joint workshop on “Nanotechnology meets Bioengineering”, within the framework of University wide trilateral collaboration between Fudan, Hamburg and Macquarie. A strong scientific program has been run to discuss and highlight current trends and progress in Nanotechnology and Bioengineering. A good energy across the room and new collaborations established.  We plan for…

New paper published in Chemosphere by the Sunna group

An innovative approach to bioremediation of mercury contaminated soils from industrial mining operations Highlights • A bulk natural substrate, zeolite, was bio-functionalised with encapsulated P. veronii. • This remained viable and functional after long term storage. • Bio-functionalised zeolite increased GEM flux by 104. • A concomitant reduction in GOM emissions was also observed. • Bio-functionalised zeolite shows potential for…

2017 – PhD position available

3 year PhD scholarship for 2017: “Development of Protein-based Nanocompartments for the Delivery of Anticancer Drugs” The Project: Compartmentalisation is an important organisational feature of life that allows otherwise incompatible biochemical processes to function cohesively within a cell. It occurs at varying levels of complexity, from eukaryotic organelles and bacterial microcompartments, to viral capsids and even […]